Meyer Method of Massage by Cozy

Cozy Meyer Massage Therapy & Ortho-Bionomy®

Pain Relief without Experiencing More Pain

Ever had a massage that hurt you? You wanted to relax and enjoy it, but you couldn’t because the massage therapist kept digging right at the spot that hurt. Most people believe getting the benefits of deep tissue massage means it has to hurt. Nothing could be further from the truth.I knew there had to be a way to provide pain relief and relaxation without more pain. That’s when I discovered Ortho-Bionomy®. It’s gentle and provides all the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pain.I believe it’s so effective at helping create relief and wellness I’ve made it the focus of my practice providing a light touch experience with deep tissue impact. If you suffer with muscle aches,back pain, injuries or any kind of pain you owe it to yourself to schedule your personalized session with me, Cozy Meyer founder of Meyer Method of Massage. 

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Gentle relief without deep tissue pressure from chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia. The Meyer Method Massage by Cozy allows you to relax and experience a light touch with deep tissue impact. This session isdone fully clothed. $85 for 60-minutes - $110 for 90 minutes


Swedish Massage

Traditional deep tissue massage lengthens muscles when they’re chronicallystatic or tight. This massage is done unclothed. $85 for 60-minutes - $110 for 90 minutes.


Warm Stone Massage

Experience even more benefits as you let the stones and Cozy’s warm, relaxing touch provide the therapeutic relief you seek. Relieve stress, back pain and much more Enjoy painless relief from your pain today. 90 min $140

Add-ons to Customize Your Experience:

Aromatherapy: Delight in the relaxing scents of essential oils that will give your massage a more full sensory experience. Can be added for only $10 to Ortho-Bionomy® or Swedish Massage sessions.   

Paraffin Wax: Take a delicious dip into the warmth of paraffin wax that relieves achy hands and feet and leaves skin smooth and soft. Add to Ortho-Bionomy® or Swedish Massage session. Plan to add an addition 15 minutes or 30 minutes to your session. $30 for 15 minutes - $45 for 30 minutes

Raindrop Technique: Essential oils are generously used on the back, spinal column and feet to support wellness of the immune system. Includes a lightback and scalp massage. This session takes 90 minutes and is done partiallyclothed. $115 for 90 minutes


      Meyer Method of Massage by Cozy

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