You Don’t Have to Just Live With The Pain

By Cozy Meyer LMT

Early in my career as a massage therapist I worked with a gentleman who had unfortunately compressed his spine.  He was a roofer and fell off a high ladder.

Chiropractors wouldn’t touch him. Medical Doctors wouldn’t touch him.  All they would do is give him drugs – and he was still in excruciating pain.  I did one session on him it was not even a deep tissue massage. For the first time since the accident he was able to sleep comfortably all night, without medication.

He did a couple more therapeutic massages with me and he was able to resume some of his favorite activities like snowboarding. He could’ve never done that before our work together.

So, he’s a person who believed he had no choice but to live in agony the rest of his life. The doctors and chiropractors didn’t give him another choice.  Well, he learned he DID have choices. He was getting powerful, clear signals from his body to, “Pay attention to me!” he just didn’t know where to turn for help.  

Maybe your situation isn’t that drastic. Maybe over time you’ve just sort of learned to tolerate little aches and pains that aren’t horrible but you know they’ve slowed you down over time.  You don’t have to live with it if you want to go back to feeling fully functional and alive again.

New Choices Help You Open to New Opportunities

By Cozy Meyer LMT

We’ve all been there. You go to a spa and they hand you a menu of services.  The receptionist asks, “What kind of massage do you want today?”

You look down at the list and there are several cookie cutter options listed including traditional Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy and stone massage to name a few.  You choose, hoping it’ll provide the sensation of release and relief you want.

Surprise, massage isn’t a choose one and you’re done system.  There’s so much more.  In fact there are a world of possibilities when you get a massage. Of course I have a menu of services on this website, too. However, it’s more like a list of suggestions rather than a hard and fast “I can’t wriggle my way out of it once the massage starts” choice.

Tell me what you want to experience. Your massage will be tailored to your body and where you’re at that day. Maybe you need to release some emotions that no longer serve you. I can facilitate that release through certain techniques including Chakra Balancing that will allow you to let go and feel great again. Or, maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to open up to new ways of “being” in your life. Let me know, when your massage is done you’ll get up from the table feeling new, open and refreshed, rather than pushed and pummeled again.

One of the amazing things I’ve noticed with my clients is as I show them there’s more than one way to enjoy the process, they begin seeing exciting opportunities they didn’t know existed before.  There’s so much more to life and there’s so much more to massage then getting a backrub for an hour.

Why Social Coupons for Massage Aren’t Such a Great Deal After All

By Cozy Meyer LMT

It seems like an awesome way to get a massage – way cheap.  Sign up for a couponing website that sends you daily deals and before you know it you’ll see a coupon for a $39 massage.  And then you’ll see another. And another.

Just keep an eye on your inbox and there are deals galore.  After all, if you go to a spa on the Strip you’ll pay $130-150 for a massage, I charge $85 an hour unless you catch one of my specials. So what’s not to love about a massage for even less.

But maybe those social coupons aren’t as good a deal as you think.  When you put your body in the hands of a capable, caring massage therapist – you build a relationship together.  She comes to know your body, your aches and pains and intuitively begins to know what you need with every session.  You grow together and with each massage she can help you return your body to a younger, healthier less achy place.

By going to a different massage therapist every time because you found a social coupon it’s almost like the movie “Groundhog Day. You’re starting over and over again with every single massage and the benefits aren’t as great. You wonder, “Can I trust this person? Will I feel better afterward or worse?”

You want variety when you go for dinner out to a new restaurant.  Getting a coupon is great.  Maybe not so much with your massage therapist.

Consider what your real goals are getting massage on a regular basis. If you aim to feel better over the long haul and not just for a few minutes after someone rubs on your body, let’s talk.  I’d be happy to share with you the benefits of Ortho-Bionomy® and massage that truly makes a difference.

“Masking pain with drugs is not always a good idea.”

By Cozy Meyer LMT

You know those commercials you see on TV about Aleve vs Tylenol? They say with one drug you take six pills a day – but with their drug you only have to take two pills a day. You know the one with that guy who’s a delivery man and he offers to switch pain meds for one day and he keeps having to take more pills?

What do you think would happen if he connected with someone like me who said, you don’t have to have any pain. In fact I can help you heal the ouch that’s saying “pay attention” so you can stop worrying about how many pills to take in a day.

But we’re not presented with that option. The choice is two pills or six pills. When you do that – the damage is that you’re not listening to that little voice, you’re ignoring it. You’re treating pain as the enemy rather than as a teacher. Believe me – the pill might help in the very short term but the underlying problem is getting worse and worse.

Oh, and have you noticed how these drug commercials want you to take ownership of your aches, pains and health issues?  They say:

For MY pain or

For My depression or

My high blood pressure

… get it?  Do you think in the entire Universe there are only two choices?  That this pill or that pill?  They want you to think that way.  

I’m suggesting to you that’s “in the box thinking.”

Not only are there other choices to relieve pain – by continuing to mask it – whatever’s going on with your headache or knee or back or female organs or whatever is just getting worse.  The pills, most of the time are just a band-aid and a way of not listening to that voice that’s saying, “Hey, pay attention – something’s wrong here!”

Steve: Snowboarding Maniac at Age 40

By Cozy Meyer LMT

Snowboarding is a sport for the young. Originally developed by teens who wanted to ski on one board rather than two the sport is filled with spills, bumps, twists and grinds. There’s the repetitive strain from holding your lower body in the same position, the impact on joints from landings after flying through the air. Oh, and Steve tells me that the trees on the sides of the slopes don’t move out of the way when he comes barreling toward them.

Snowboarding is just one of the athletic sports and extreme activities he enjoys.

Steve’s been a client for ten years and he’s gradually made the transition from a body made of rock hard sticks and stones to one made of pliable, flexible clay.  He says his weekly massages have helped him reduce injuries and stay in the game of life and all his activities when many of his friends have hung up their board and other sporting equipment for good.

Some weeks he goes for a traditional massage and other times it’s the Meyer Method of massage all the way.  He says our weekly sessions keep him going and are keeping him in better shape at age 40 than he was at 30 years old. Rock on, Steve!

Diane: Self-care for Positive Maintenance

By Cozy Meyer LMT

I have a client who I would consider my perfect maintenance client.  Come rain or shine she walks in the door at the spa ready for what she calls her “90-minutes of escapism.”She loves the Ortho-Bionomy® massage and is there mostly for relaxation, comfort and to take a break in the middle of her bustling, busy workday as a business owner.

Diane sometimes comes in with little aches or pains she wants me to work on. For awhile I was working on her an elbow that bothered her when she lifted things.  For several sessions she wanted extra attention paid to her feet which were stiff. But she doesn’t have to be in screaming pain to come see me.  This is her treat for her twice a month and she let’s nothing get away.

She believes in positive self-care and figures if she doesn’t take good care of herself, who will?  Even her loving husband isn’t one who is going to focus non-stop on her relaxation and comfort for 90-minutes non-stop.

... Even her loving husband isn’t one who is going to focus non-stop on her relaxation and comfort for 90-minutes non-stop.

Are you a little bit like Diane?  You know self-care is essential to your well-being and you’re actively looking for ways to take good care of yourself and just de-stress in our hustle bustle life in Las Vegas.

Call to schedule your massage with Cozy Meyer. Discover if the Meyer Method of Healing Massage is the ideal way to take better care of yourself.)

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